Bread & Pastry


Our story with bread and pastry started in 1997, when STIL-MS was created. We then committed to producing handmade quality products. Followed by the company’s core values, we have dedicated our range to tradition. We proudly offer tasty and healthy choices to Bulgarian based chain stores, shops, hotels and restaurants.


We are happy to share that most of our clients have been loyal partners with us who have been enjoying our produce for a long time. As we do with the furniture, we rethink tradition, innovate and create delicious bread and confectionary goods. We actively research, test new products and ingredients. We also invest in modern machines and equipment. Our strong reputation would have not been possible without our dedicated and skilful workforce.

Based in a small town, delivering across the country, passing on traditional taste, have given us a successful market position that we enjoy and work for every day. We have been recognized by other companies in the industry. We often get invited and we participate in courses, presentations both in the country and abroad. We will keep on developing our expertise and exacting the tastes you enjoy.






Our main recipe is no secret:

"Knead it with love and produce it with style!"