Wood Processing

From supplying our own material to processing it. Wood processing is a very active department of the company. The process includes sawing coniferous and deciduous wood in order to produce:

  • Planks, Beams, Battens, Sleepers and others
  • Timber details according to clients’ specifications

Being a supplier and a retailer of fine timber has enabled us to trade with clients in Bulgaria and abroad. We use special woodworking machines, timber drying systems and we employ qualified personnel which results in high-quality end products. Due to the successful performance, the company keeps on investing in machinery and transportation in order to provide our customers with their desired products and quantities.

The wood processing division works entirely on clients’ preferences. After a client places an order, we fulfil it. Details are always discussed so that both parties are satisfied.

Our range consists of:

  • Coniferous wood: white pine, black pine, spruce, fir
  • Hardwood: beech logs, oak logs, cerris
  • Firewood: beech, oak, hornbeam, pine, spruce, fir, cerris, acacia, poplar

Send us your request and we will process it of course!